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Quality Assurance

Perfectly calibrated towards quality:
Quality can never be achieved by accident. It is always a result of hard work, intelligent planning and careful execution. Nav Bharat is committed to Quality and the Procedures for Quality Control are properly identified and implemented.

Raw material inspection:
Raw Material is Inspected for Chemical and Mechanical Properties and surface defects (if any) Before production.

In-Process Inspection:
Our team of trained supervisors and quality control inspectors ensure the quality of products. manufactured, as per customer requirement. Tolerance, Lobing, Length, Straightness, Surface Finish is Checked at different production stages during the production cycle. Our production team is at the core of the Quality Assurance System.

Finished Goods Inspection:
Our Finished goods are inspected from customer’s perspective. in this stage surface finish, packing, colour coding, marking, mechanical tests, macro and micro properties, inter-granular and corrosion properties are looked afte. Test certifications comply with the specification and requirements of the customers.

For Guaranteeing quality at every step, we ensure that:
Perfectly documented work – procedures endorsed by 3rd party accreditation, certifications and approvals ensure utmost correctness in Nav Bharat’s everyday operations.

The ultra-modern facilities used at Nav Bharat ensure highest quality steel demanded by our customers.These facilities are supported by precise input data and work schedules along with ongoing quality checks of all features relevant to the particular order, tailored to meet individual customer’s specification.

Testing Facilities

We have a 100% in-house testing facility to conduct the below test which insure defect free material.

Air Under Water Test:
This test is Conducted at 150 PSI as specified in ASTM specification.It is conducted over and above the Hydro test to eliminate any error that can occur due to human visual observation.

Corrosion Test:
It is conducted as per ASTM A262, Practice A, B, C and E. the test ensures that the tube / pipe has adequate Corrosion resistance.

Weld Decay Test:
As Specified is ASTM A249 or ASME SA249 ,Clause S7, the test gives Information of the about the weld and its rate to dissolution .The arnount of As-Cst structure of the weld broken down by Bead Hammering and / or Rolling is evaluated.

Chemical Analysis:
We have an in-house chemical testing laboratory to perform analysis on the product.

Hydro Test:
Hydro Test is conducted as per ASTM A450, A530 or as customer’s specification on 100% pipes and tubes. It ensures that fluid flowing in the pipe and tube is not contaminated with externally fiowing fluid.

Apart from requirements specified By the customer, we mention the following on the final product: Material Condition, Manufacturing ,Grade, Size, Specification & Heat No.

Material is packed in Hessain Cloth ,Jute Cloth, Plastic wrapping or Wooden Boxes. Packing can also be done as per customer requirement.

Third Party Inspection:
We accept 3rd party inspection ike EIL, PDIL, Bureau Veritas,, H & G, UHDE INDIA, SGS, TOYO ENGG ,TUV, LLOYD Register, LINDE Process and many others.

We certify Microstructure Grain Size (as per ASTM E112). This test ensures that the carbides are dissolved and the corrosion resistance is at its maximum value. The grain size Confirms uniformity of property.

Destructive Testing:
  • Tensile Test
  • Flattening Test
  • Flunge Test
  • Hardness Test
  • Flare Test
  • Reverse – Bend Test

Non - Destructive Testing:
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Air under Water Testing